Shoutbox Archive 75

  1. :)

  2. new pw is working

  3. great

  4. YAY

  5. finally

  6. after 10000 minutes

  7. heeehe

  8. lol

  9. join ip empire castle keep

  10. whereis this, nuggy?

  11. 50-60 active members for start

    obligations per player for minimoum defenders per castle, top castellans at least 3-4 of them, face controll for double accounts with at least one time contact at skype, password holder most likely you, and teachers
    teachers for anything, for defending, small groups of 10 members to teach them to defend, teacher for how to create castellans, tacher how to defend, a person that will take over the face controll

  12. mass message that those who dont agree with all the new situation have 3-4 days or 1 week to find another ally, NOT to go to academy but another ally cause in that way is mose than sure that will follow and will make what is needed to be made!!
    and starting day for all above

  13. also 2 at least persons to check daily for newlow level members to bring them here, teach tehm and if they learn cool, if not....bye bye
    and no feelings for ll those above if you want a strong alliance, need to be cold bloode for to create something, that will survive

  14. easin i said that is cause in case of a not big, just 12 hours war, at least half of the members will stop game as they cannot defend even in rb's my friend
    also they dont know ho0w to create castellans, etc etc etc

  15. cool

  16. I would suggest we only invite those that are going to stay with Alliance here too IP

  17. hi coco welcome:)

  18. Hi D-X,

  19. What should I go on?

  20. soon you will be added to empire knights so you can access the chat