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  • Everyone already knew this but me apparently,,, Tom Hardy is a fantastic actor! I rated a few of his roles that I like best and compared them to some of the roles other actors have done in the same genre that I consider to be benchmarks of excellence. Purely based on opinion and open to debate =)

    "The dark knight rises", with Tom hardy as Bane I compared to "The Hitcher" with Rutger Hauer as John Ryder.

    I gave both actors 9 of 10 for these psychotic villain roles. head to head i would give a slight edge to Hardy

    "The Revenant" Hardy as John Fitzgerald compared to "Gangs of New York" with Daniel Day Lewis as William Cutting

    Hardy 10 - Lewis 8 for these historical villain roles. this imo is the best historical portrayal in a good long while.

    "Bronson" Hardy as Charlie Bronson compared to "A Clockwork Orange" Malcolm McDowell as Alex

    Hardy 9 - McDowell 10 violent men in abstract film roles... This was more of a movie comparison than a role comparison, i considered putting up another prison badass role

    but Clockwork seemed to fit better in this imo.

    "Lawless" Hardy as Forrest Bondurant compared to "The Godfather 2" Robert De Niro as young Vito Corleone.

    Hardy 9 - De Niro 9 for these historical criminal/gangster roles i give the slight head to head edge to De Niro

    I thought The Revenant was his best role, I could believe that he walked right out of the 1800's



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