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    Tesla kicked some ass tonight, they are still putting on a great show 35 years later.the Paramount theater is a fantastic venue. i did not take any music videos this time around just enjoyed the show, got a quick vid of the theater though i will post later,

    saw somebody caught this part [youtube]


    song about biden, banned from facebook,,,,,well again i say, a hearty fu to the beast, i spent 10 hours yesterday posting this everywhere i go and getting everyone i know to do the same



    starting to believe in that beast yet?

    I viewed the world behind it's golden shine

    Saw the gold was really rust in disguise

    And all the people there had clouded minds

    Blinded by their phones and the neon signs

    Taught to fight black and told to fear white

    And that if your left you must hate the right

    Told to think that their wounds were doused in salt

    Then teacher points their rage to those at fault

    Disease by design will occupy their time

    Media parrots the official line

    Cover your faces and forget your pride

    Come and take your medicine don't be shy

    If you refuse the whole world will die

    Rulers consider it a high offense

    If you rise to your feet in self defense

    They'll bring men in green home across the blue

    Then order them to point the guns at you

    Now that we have risen your fear you cry

    Take my freedom I'll trade it for your lie

    No one seemed to see the strings hanging down

    Leading to the voices speaking all around

    Just puppets squawking for reasons unknown

    Think outside our box and you'll earn your own

    And the ones who caused it all live high

    While the rest wear chains down in their sty

    Seems all hope is lost but for what it's worth

    It is said the meek shall inherit the earth

    So remember that if you deal in sins

    The doors of heaven are locked from within

    18 years later Queensryche wrote a sequel, "Operation Mindcrime 2"

    I did not find it as good overall but Dio makes an appearance as Mr X

    in the song called the Chase and has a confrontation with Niki



    "You think you're smart, inventive

    Because you've figured out my game?
    Pride is a handy substitute,
    When you've got only yourself to blame.
    All my dreams I've realized while you... were indisposed.
    While you've spent eighteen years watching TV,
    I've watched my fortune grow.

    Here I am-I'm finally on the outside and
    You're nowhere near where I've been!
    I've got you where I want you... at last.
    You've got no idea who I am!
    We circle around each other waiting for reaction
    We circle around each other waiting for reaction
    Wanting satisfaction for the past.
    I want nothing... from the past.

    Always been so easy you're like a puppet on my string,
    Throwing down hollow threats, unsure of what to think.
    Why should I care?
    You wouldn't dare!
    You're nothing but worthless... I swear.

    From where I stand I've got you where I want you.
    You'll never take me! Never take me down!
    I've seen all I need to put you in the ground
    Revenge is normal, a typical reaction
    I've seen your cynical reaction...
    If you're standing outside of in.
    Always on the outside of in.

    Here we are at last facing oblivion...
    And this is where finally it ends.
    You don't belong here.
    Holding fast to each of our sins.
    With hope by my side, I'll survive to see the dawn.
    Believe me or not... you owe me.
    I owe you nothing!
    I gave your life a purpose!
    I owe you nothing but your death!
    Without me you would have learned nothing!"

    James Thomas Ramey aka Baby Huey was imo second only to Marvin Gaye, wishe there was more material from him out there.

    this cover was good but imo the original was better.



    Stanley Jordan says "Hey hold my drink a minute....."



    this one was going into "better than the original" thread but....

    I see concerts coming back on the schedule cant be more pleased, best part is coming right to my town is my wife's favorite band Im going to taker her

    Its going to be great for her, just one small issue, unfortunately her favorite band is not one of mine but happy wife happy life or so the saying goes lol



    Everyone already knew this but me apparently,,, Tom Hardy is a fantastic actor! I rated a few of his roles that I like best and compared them to some of the roles other actors have done in the same genre that I consider to be benchmarks of excellence. Purely based on opinion and open to debate =)

    "The dark knight rises", with Tom hardy as Bane I compared to "The Hitcher" with Rutger Hauer as John Ryder.

    I gave both actors 9 of 10 for these psychotic villain roles. head to head i would give a slight edge to Hardy

    "The Revenant" Hardy as John Fitzgerald compared to "Gangs of New York" with Daniel Day Lewis as William Cutting

    Hardy 10 - Lewis 8 for these historical villain roles. this imo is the best historical portrayal in a good long while.

    "Bronson" Hardy as Charlie Bronson compared to "A Clockwork Orange" Malcolm McDowell as Alex

    Hardy 9 - McDowell 10 violent men in abstract film roles... This was more of a movie comparison than a role comparison, i considered putting up another prison badass role

    but Clockwork seemed to fit better in this imo.

    "Lawless" Hardy as Forrest Bondurant compared to "The Godfather 2" Robert De Niro as young Vito Corleone.

    Hardy 9 - De Niro 9 for these historical criminal/gangster roles i give the slight head to head edge to De Niro

    I thought The Revenant was his best role, I could believe that he walked right out of the 1800's