Shoutbox Archive 37

  1. This has made my weekend! :) Cheers! Respectfully, SSJ.

  2. Hey SSJ

  3. <X

  4. 8o

  5. hi all

  6. yo

  7. helooo

  8. how is everyone tonight

  9. its morning here, i will tell you later how i am tonight lol

  10. lol

  11. do you have daylight saving in nz dagg?

  12. my user account is not activated yet. you must complete the activation progress first. what means this? and hi friends

  13. hi schrulli you here?

  14. you should get an email to activate

  15. I type with a smile on my face, and another tear(s) feels good to be back. Ok, who else is out there? Would be good to see the good, the bad and the ugly

  16. OMG OMG!! BUNZY!!! :love: :!: it is soo good to see (read) you. We got a few of he IP originals lurking around occasionally; and of course I'm here. I usually hop on at intervals during the day (and evening); hope to catch you next time you're on

  17. hey bunzy good to hear from you after so long hope you are well:) also hi ds hope you doing well too:)

  18. join ip empire castle keep

  19. whereis this, nuggy?

  20. 50-60 active members for start

    obligations per player for minimoum defenders per castle, top castellans at least 3-4 of them, face controll for double accounts with at least one time contact at skype, password holder most likely you, and teachers
    teachers for anything, for defending, small groups of 10 members to teach them to defend, teacher for how to create castellans, tacher how to defend, a person that will take over the face controll