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  • Today the Devils Academy of Old Devils on the international 1 server became an independent alliance called NEW BEGINNINS.

    Gabby handed the leadership position to me, but as always we make team decisions.

    All Empire players are welcome to join us!

    Rise Up People!


  • Soo, If you still play Empire, what Alliance are you in?

  • It is SOO good to see you SSJ! The family is sloowly gathering again. Like you I'm up for anything the crew wants to do!

    Ok OK well not ANYthing - but I'm pretty open to quite a lot. LOL

    • Ha ha,

      We are older and wiser now..... aren't we? :)

      It is very good to be here, I hope all is well with you, DS.

      As always, my loyalty is with IP.


  • Hello and Cheers to Old Friends and New!

    My name is SirSimonJohn.

    I started playing Empire many years ago, something I could do with my son bouncing on my knee.

    My son "Simon" is now 10 years old and my best friend. I was invited into Invictus Prime and groomed by FW, DS and many others to be fair, yet kick ass when necessary :)

    I left Empire and years later returned only to find that the once great War Game turned into an event based, don't attack anyone except NPC's game.

    I ran into former IP gabby026 who leads the Devils Academy as we speak. I've been with gabby for a while, there seems very little to do.

    I'm up for a Rebellion whenever you all are! Ha ha ha!