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  • hi Bunzy

    Its been a long time since I spoke to you. But I hope this message finds you well and its great to see you back online. Back in the day you disappeared from game suddenly and I wondered if everything was ok in real life. I also never took the opportunity to thank you from saving my arse from that bully and giving me a place here in IP, so thanks for that. (I am still playing empire and doing quite well at it). Hope to catch you online someday take care and have fun

    Cheers Dagg

    • HI Dagg

      Don't know if you were aware at the time, that my brother had been attacked in a failed carjacking and ended up in a coma. Had a quarter of his skull removed and a plate eventually put in.

      Had to learn to talk, walk etc it was a long road to recovery but thankfully he is still with us and be very much a pain in my side.

      I would never have left had it not been for this life changing event, which made the game come a very distant priority. I have always thought about everyone throughout the years and wondered what everyone was up to now.

    • Sorry to hear this news and it sounds that he and you are doing well. he is lucky to have you. If I picked it up right you are living in London which is my home town. Brought up in South London for 12 years before moving to New Zealand.