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    We're An MMO Gaming Clan. Our membership is comprised of a diverse mix of players from all walks of life, age, gender, skill level and geographic location.

    Our "Band of Happy Warriors" was established in April 2010, when our Founder gathered a couple of friends and formed ("The Three") to create a better gaming experience for ourselves and our friends.

    We play across various platforms, including PC , Web, Mobile Apps, Xbox, Playstation.

    We are a small close-knit group, who enjoy playing games together and like helping each other win and have a fun gaming experience.

    Our clan site is our "home base" where we gather as a community for game strategies, tips, tricks & tutorials, and to connect, commiserate, share life events, hobbies, interests, or just chat about whatever is on our minds.

    Full Access to and participation in our community is by membership (registration) only and is free.

    We invite you to join us to share in the fun!