Shoutbox Archive 57

  1. This has made my weekend! :) Cheers! Respectfully, SSJ.

  2. Hey SSJ

  3. Don't think we have many peeps around atm

  4. Anyways I'll be afk for 10 mins or so while i go to the chippy so brb

  5. hi

  6. helloooo

  7. game wont let me in

  8. Hey SK you around? Just saw your shout out about being locked out!


  10. Hey SK next time you come back up here meet me over in the Farmer's Dell chatroom - let's see if we can figure out what's wrong with your game!

  11. it says can not connect to social network HELP

  12. still can't get in, contacted the admins no reply, beyond mad

  13. Hey SK if you pop in and i'm not here - check your private messages - left you a detailed note in there!

  14. where do i find my private messages?

  15. hey SK

  16. Click on the little "Conversation bubble up on the top right of your screen by the Menu

  17. You do have to be logged in to access them though - "Guests" don't have access to those features nor to the team chat rooms

  18. i did check in it didn't help

  19. hey SK!

  20. U still here?